How do I know if we are a good fit?

Realizing that the therapeutic process is primarily a relational process, finding a counselor or consultant that you gel with is important. Consequently, we both are willing to talk by phone to discuss your goals for counseling and answer any questions about how we see the therapeutic process.


Do you take insurance?

Currently, Caleb takes Blue Cross Blue Shield, and MHN/Healthnet. Otherwise, we can give you a receipt that you can then submit to your insurance provider. Because Caleb is an LPC, there is usually not a problem getting reimbursed from your insurance provider at your “out of network rate”. But, all insurance companies are different. So, check with them to get more complete information about your specific policy. Some clients do not wish to use their insurance plan because they do not want any type of mental health diagnosis on their insurance records.  Clients should consult with someone they trust to help make a decision as to whether utilizing insurance for counseling services is appropriate for them.

Elisa provides consulting, which is different than counseling and thus is not reimbursable through insurance.


What is the difference between Counseling and Consulting?

Unlike counseling, consulting does not include the full process of diagnosis and treatment. Consultation is like getting an expert’s guidance, advice, and direction, but without the agreement to diagnose or enter treatment. Consultants have no responsibility for case management or follow up.


What are your rates?

fees are as follows:

Fees vary based on up front payment, insurance rates, etc. We will talk about your specific situation at our first meeting.

  • individual counseling session: $120.00-$150 for hr. session
  • family or couples session:  $150.00 for hr. session or $200.00 for hr. and a half session
  • individual consulting (Elisa): $95.00
  • groups: vary according to group – see specific group page for more info


* we accept credit cards, debit cards, FSA/HSA cards, and cash

* we also offer a limited number grants to those who qualify


How often will I need to come?

This will be something that we negotiate together to meet both your mental health and economic needs.


Do you do phone or Skype sessions?

Yes. These sessions are set up the same way by calling 623.295.9448 (Caleb) or 623.295.9414 (Elisa). Fees are the same for these sessions as in person sessions.