Marriage or any dating relationship is a relationship unlike any other on this earth. It can be so good to experience intimacy with another. And as statistics show, these relationships can also be so terrifying and difficult that they end in divorce or painful breakups. Our hope is to help you, as a couple, learn more about your individual stories and your collective story so that as you cultivate a relationship together, you are able to do it with grace and hope.

We believe that optimal couples counseling happens when there is one couple counseling another couple, which gives both a male and female perspective to relationship that is made up corresponding genders. As you wrestle with the excitement, joys, fears, and hopes of what your marriage can look like, it can be helpful to have both voices and perspectives. Consequently, we (Caleb and Elisa) like to counsel couples together. If counseling with both of us is not an option, couples can choose to see either one of us.


couples session: $150.00 for 50min. session     &    $200.00 for hr. and a half session

Initial Paperwork:

If you have set your first appointment with one of us, you should receive an email with a link to fill out your initial paperwork.

More info on our approaches to counseling and consulting:

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